Abhinav Kumar Kushwaha

B.TECH P-III, Computer Science & Engineering, ITBHU

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Latest Project - 'ZaaG'

A vision to create a world where software becomes a service available to all instead of being products which can only be owned by mighty. True realization of philosophical aims of science and research is essential to improve the lives of individuals by impacting on the work in their daily lives. This is the essence of SaaS - "Software as a Service" business model.

ZaaG is a Supply Chain Management Software built on the SaaS model. It is currently in beta phase. Additionally, this software provides many accounting features quite similar to Tally Software and even more convincing than that. It was supported by an efficient search functionality and many other eye catching features.

Among the development team, was a 7 member student group from Computer Science & Engineering, IT-BHU. This included Abhinav Kushwaha, Abhisar, Abhishek Gupta, Ajay Kumar Gautam, Karan Jain, Nayan Shah & Vaibhav Saxena. The duration of this project was around 2 months with an approximate 14-16 hours of work per day.

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